The iLog series began as reflection on our relationship with consumer technology. Their design strongly echoes contemporary products such as iPods and advanced mobile phones. However their basic material and minimal functionality subverts these complex devices. The idea for running iLog workshops, where participants build their own iLog, grew out of artists, musicians and curators asking if they could buy a Log from the Owl Project. Faced with a demand for something that critiques desirability and value of mass production we devised the iLog workshop as a way of addressing this. 


iLog Photsynth kit. Bildmuseet / Polly Yassin


Unlike most digital devices iLogs resist mass-production and thus no two are ever the same. Embracing this limitation in a physical take on social media, we invite participants to join us in making their own variation. Through this social process our customers become developers rather than consumers and our range of instruments continue to evolve, placing an emphasis on cultural and social capital rather than the physical.


iLog, USB model created at Space Studios, London.

During the workshop you are given all the materials needed to create a fully certified artwork that becomes part of of the classic iLog series.  The event is a great way for people to buy a limited edition artwork, and join an exciting workshop in which they learn about the electronics and woodwork behind the Owl Project's instruments.


Above: iLog Kit [USB model]


Above: iLog Photsynth kit. Bildmuseet / Polly Yassin


iLog Photsynth kit. Bildmuseet / Polly Yassin


As well as our iLog workshop Owl project offer a wide range of workshops ranging from primary schools to adults at all levels of abilities from novice to master class. Covering core subject areas of Design, Technology, Interfaces and Art to more advance electronics, Ardunio, and programming.

If you are an individual, group of individuals or institution and interested in making a workshop happen please contact us.



We teamed up with Ed Carter again for this project working with Creative partnerships and Hastings Hill primary School.