Andy Gracie, Deep Data


Andy works with information systems and living organisms, specifically the model organisms used in scientific research, Tardigrades used for astrobiological experiments for example. Deepdata prototype 2 consists of an array of lighting units and sealed chambers apparently simulating different lighting conditions for growing Arabidopsis seeds, another such model organism. As Andy nicely puts it ‘ the experiment produces organic microsculptures directed by the light conditions on our Solar System neighbours’.

For another related project ‘The Quest for Drosophila Titanus’ Andy has engaged himself in a continual process of selective breeding of the most famous of model organisms – a mutant wingless varity of Drosophila, fruit flies. In order to survive on Titan the files will have to be able to withstand lower temperatures, higher atmospheric pressures, conditions far in extreme earth, the project is perhaps more poetic than practical. “in the dense atmosphere and low gravity of Titan, these almost wingless insects will be able to rediscover the ecstasy of flight”

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