Owl Project, Scala, 6 June 2004

The Owl Project / Dick Slessig Combo / Matmos / Leafcutter John / The Soft Pink Truth, Yaxu Paxo, Scala, 6 June 2004 "'The Owl Project are the first to take the stage on this humid Sunday evening. The duo’s black, woolen balaclavas betray an admirable degree of commitment to their art given the prevailing weather. You’d think that such headgear might liberate the duo from their inhibitions, allowing them to go wild in some unforeseen way, but instead they spend the entire duration of their short set crouched down at the front of the stage in a sort of, er, owl-like way. As well as balaclavas, logs appear integral to the Owl’s performance: their laptops are sandwiched inside them in blithe disregard of the all too real threat of woodworm infiltration. As to The Owl Project’s music, there’s lots of scurrying, whooping and scuffling – are these verbatim reports from the front line of forest life? Who knows, they’re gone too quickly to draw any firm conclusion.

*Please note - there are no laptops sandwiched into the log1ks.