Terra, Essay by Joy Sleeman 2011

Jerwood Visual Arts presented the exhibition 'TERRA' in December 2011, The exhibition catalogue includes this essay written by Joy Sleeman, Lecturer and distinguished writer on Land Art. Download the TERRA exhibition essay written by Joy Sleeman



TERRA exhibition at Grizedale

An exhibition of contemporary sculpture that recently wowed audiences in London will go on show at Grizedale Forest. TERRA, which was recently exhibited at the Jerwood Space in London, will open on 11 February and will run to 29 April in The Yan and gallery spaces behind the Café in the Forest at the Grizedale Visitor Centre.

The exhibition has been developed and curated by Hayley Skipper, Curator – Arts Development and Antony Mottershead, Arts Development Assistant, Forestry Commission England and was commissioned by Jerwood Visual Arts.

The exhibtion brings together artists whose work explores, or is in some way inspired by, the natural world or phenomenon and our intrinsic relationship to these landscapes or events. Jonathan Anderson’s spectacular ‘Dark Star’, brings to mind a galactic explosion and was created using coal dust; Luke Jerram’s ‘Tohoku Earthquake’ is a hauntingly beautiful representation of the seismographic data from the earthquake that devastatingly struck Japan last March; and the Owl Project’s ‘Sound Lathe’, innovatively creates music using traditional green wood working technology.