During my visit to Ljubljana in I was introduced to the ‘Workshopology’ concept and network. The idea is to bring together likeminded ‘Workshopologist’ to discuss methods and best practice in this area. More specifically the participants are dealing with similar subject matter. Open source collaborative approaches to teaching and learning in DIY electronics, science and biotech. Taking part are Artist, engineers bio-hackers and scientist and various other creative ‘workshopologists’. We discussed the workshop as a tool for delivering and sharing knowledge outside of traditional educational frameworks, how types of workshop can be categorised and analyised.


Outside of my own personal workshop practice it was interesting to think about iLog workshop as a take on the electronics kit where limitations are provided as a mode to instigating creativity, the log casing is the blank canvas for the interface as well as being the limiting framework. Also how the resulting community exists in some remote collection of created objects artworks sitting in wait for the next performance on some mantelpiece.   In other contexts communities depend on an anchor points an individual, or space within which these things can happen.  

Rough notes and List of participants so far,_Ljubljana