City noise modulated

Noiselation on the street

Came accross a short reference to the Noiselation piece Alex Brainwood's on going Listening Instruments project in the Neural Mag and immediately impressed but also positively reminded of Akitsugu Maebayash's Sonic Interface from the heady days of early locative sound art (e.g. at Futuresonic 2004).

Maebayash's work uses a G4 Macbook and MAX/MSP to collect live audio and process it in one of several ways, swapping the left-right feeds, layering recorded sounds, delaying everything by about 5 seconds or more (look out while crossing the road) and yes filtering the live audio.

Its interesting to think that the technology to make Noiselation certainly existed in 2004 but only realised now and the more technically layered Sonic Interface having less geek-allure now then it did then.  The two pieces of work, for me, share similar ideas but their differences more than adequately indicate the shifts in maker culture over the last 8 years. 



Akitsugu Maebayash's Sonic Interface,

The Mobile Connections show of Futuresonic 2004 is here, complete with an article by Drew Hemmet, its in the FutureEverything Archive - look out for Aura by a certain Owl ;)

Alex Brianwood's projects are at