iLog Workshop Mcr 5/4/14

Grab a place on an iLog workshop at the Owl HQ in Manchester!

Work with Owl Project to create your own personal iLog Photosynth, your own artwork, fully certified as part of the classic iLog series.  The latest iLog Photosynth is a solar charging iLog; charge it during the day, then plug in headphones, flick the switch and the solar cell acts as a sensor to turn light into sounds. Bike lights, laptops and TV remote controls all have a unique sound that you can use to create beats and drones.


During this workshop participants will build this unique noise generating circuit and then embed it in a log. 

Images from Bildmuseet iLog workshop, Umea 2013


The event is a great way for people to buy a limited edition artwork, and join an exciting workshop in which they learn about the electronics and woodwork behind the Owl Project's instruments. The technology within the Photosynthesiser is the same as the Turbiditron (see ~Flow Instruments) so it is a great way to learn a bit more about our Cultural Olympiad project, ~Flow.

Unlike most digital devices iLogs resist mass-production and thus no two are ever the same. Embracing this limitation in a physical take on social media, we invite participants to join us in making their own variation. Through this social process our customers become developers rather than consumers and our range of instruments continue to evolve, placing an emphasis on cultural and social capital rather than the physical.

iLog kit includes:

- Solar cell
- Lithium battery
- Headphone jack
- LM chip amplifier circuit PCB, with components
- Hollow log
- Sandpaper
- Presentation box,
- iLog art work certification stamped and signed by Owl Project
- Refreshments provided, drinks and lunch.

Places: 10 available
Level: Flexible, novices in electronics or masters welcome. 18 years and over.

Timing: April 5th 2014
Day will start at 9.30am ish
Finshing at 5.30 ish, perhaps gathering at pub for after workshop drinks (sorry not included as part of cost).

Location: Rogue Artists' Studios, 66-72 Chapeltown Street, Manchester, M1 2WH UK

Cost £149

Offers: Tweet this link with @owlproject #iwantanilog for a chance to win a FREE place. 

Thinking of a Christmas present? Order before 18 December and get a specially stamped wooden ticket to send to the recipient.

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iLog Photosynth on show after workshop, Umea, Bildmuseet, 2013