Owl Project have been developing a new series of electronic analogue synth modules; specifically designed to generate sounds and rhythms using physical movements these can be used for augmenting machines (such as looms or lathes) traditionally used for producing and processing materials.


Owl Project will be working with General practice  to create a new performance based around augmenting the Curio tricycle, transmitting sensor and camera data from the moving bike to control our analogue synths and then relaying audio back to the tricycle to be played back through a wooden acoustic horn mounted on the bike.


We are working on a newly commissioned work for Curio in Lincoln 2014. Watch this space...


"Curio is a new project inspired by 19th century curiosity cabinets and takes the form of a mobile art gallery that is mounted on to the rear of a tricycle. The project so far has commissioned four new works from lincoln based artists: dale fearnley, laura mahony, ian manicom, and ross oliver + james hubble. Responding to the nature and mobility of the tricycle, the work endeavours  to engage and intrigue directly with an unsuspecting public, during the course of frequency 2013. General Practice is an artist collective residing in lincoln, uk, seeking to develop their individual and collaborative practices, whilst working towards  stimulating a critically engaged discourse and sustained visual art culture within the city, through exchange with a wider artist-led network, nationally and internationally, and the programming of exhibitions, events and workshops.