iLog Workshop

The iLog workshop starts with the participants un-packing their iLog Kit.  The Log itself is, understandably, key to the whole experience and we always immediately begin the first session "Get to know you log".  Participants are encouraged to handle their Log, imagining how they might hold it or exploring if are there any knots, or barky outcrops, that will afford holding?  At this point they start to imagine where they might place their Wooden Knobs and switches.
One group will swiftly move on to soldering the internal electronics while another will drill holes to mount their interface controls and sand and oil the Logs face to their satisfaction. Its is possible at this point to use one of our already finished logs and start to explore performing with an iLog, of course people are very keen to plug and play their own finished iLog.
Currently we offer two types of iLog Workshops building the iLog Data and the iLog Photosynthesisor.