iLog Photosynthesiser

Photosynth kit version 2013

The iLog Photosynthesiser converts light into audio allows you to immerse yourself sonic properties of electrical light emitted from the gizmos that surround us. First made in 2007 its a staple in our performances, the second generation Photosynth [2012 onwards], is more relable and safer to use, and comes as kit form. Most amazingly they ues a solar cell as the sensor, but this can also be used to charge itself up. "Charge by day. Play by night." See also the Photosynthonium, a large Log instrument to be used in conjunction with a Photosynth.

Early iLog Photosyth models 2008

"Decisions, decisions. Who needs ’em? Why should you have to choose what to make with your iLog? Collect sounds right out of the air, listen to the sound of the light all around you. The iLog touch display has stereo ambient light sensors that automatically detect "Amplitude Modulation" and the brightness of the of ambient light in your surroundings"

"This branch-thin iLog packs the entire iLog experience into an impossibly small bit of wood. So small, it will take your ears places you never dreamed of.."