Sound Of Time

We are thrilled to have been commissioned to make new work for Prescot Museum as part of the Meeting Point2 project. Ten museums in the North of England are working in partnership with artists to create new pieces in response to the museums and their collections, initiated by Arts&Heritage, funded through Arts Council England’s Resilience Fund.


The history of industrial changes in the town of Prescot and its involvement in the creation of time and mechanical movement resonates strongly with our practice. During the coming months we will be working with ceramics, water, glass and sand to develop a musical and sculptural exploration of timekeeping devices through the ages. 

This instrument is designed to hold sensors [ the Black Flexi Arms ] in position around delicate timepieces so minute sounds can be captured from individual parts of the intricate mechanism. The green Lasers [ replaced with LEDs for safety] shine onto the object, and the reflection is  captured by sensor. Sounds can be recorded from falling sand particles, minuscule vibrating springs inaudible to the ear, or the soundless the motion of gears.